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3. Being a professional developer

November 06, 2018

This month at DevMemphis, Joe Ferguson will be leading a round table discussion about being a professional developer. Joe will be joined by three other experienced software developers from the Memphis area. This is a chance to have an open conversation with successful programmers about what it means to be a developer. This event is free and open to everyone interested.

Joe Ferguson
Joe is a Software Engineer, Drone Pilot, Conference Organizer, Speaker, Mentor, Mental Health Advocate, Community Advocate, Open Source Maintainer & Contributor, Space Geek, and Husband. He Enjoys craft beers and whiskey. Owned by cats. Joe is PHP developer and architect at Ministry Brands and founder of Memphis Technology Foundation

Joe will be joined by:

Jason Charnes
Jason is a Senior Software Developer at Podia; lover of Ruby, Memphis, scotch, complexity and simplicity. He is the organizer of Southeast Ruby, co-organizer of DevMemphis, co-host of Remote Ruby, and friendly neighbor.

Josh Lewis
Josh is a mechanical engineer who left the trade to build a startup and learned to program on the way. Now, he’s a full-stack developer who specializes in Ruby. He’s presently building software to provide top-notch developer experiences at Heroku (a company).

Kevin Nuckolls
Kevin is currently a Software Architect at Ookla, post the acquisition of Mosaik in the summer of 2018. Throughout his career he has managed teams through two acquisitions, led teams of varying sizes up to ~30 reports, and helped curate effective software engineering culture as needed. In addition to leadership, he has been programming since age twelve and had a storied career building Javascript in browser applications / websites, the server side services necessary to support them in Java, Ruby, Python, Scala, and Go, and has built out a great deal of low level linux / server / database orchestration with Chef, Mesos, Terraform, and Kubernetes.

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