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4. Text Editor Show & Tell

February 05, 2019

Thor wielded a mighty hammer, Great musicians employ their craft with the help of musical instruments.

…And programmers have their text editors.

This month at DevMemphis, share your favorite features, customizations, tips and tricks of your preferred text editor or IDE.

No matter what editor or language you use, this is sure to be a fun, informative, inspirational, way to better utilize your tools to write better code faster.

Format: If you want to present, come ready to show off your editor. We’ll queue up a list of names and editors on the whiteboard.

In the interest of time, we’ll limit presentations to 10 minutes (if you only need 5, that’s fine). If time permits - and it probably will - we may have additional presentations after everyone who wants to present has gotten a chance.

Food and drinks will be provided by @VacoMemphis Contact Bob at to find out about career opportunities in the Memphis area

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