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13. Smashing the (Web)Stack for Fun (But Not Profit Because That Is Illegal)

November 05, 2019

Presenter: Matthew Bledsoe Software Engineer St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Come hang out and eat pizza with Memphis developers.

Great, you’ve secured your website. But is it really secure? Join us for a hands on (look ma’ (almost) no slides!) demonstration of open source vulnerability assessment tools. Using Kali Linux and the Damn Vulnerable Web Application you will learn how to identify and utilize basic SQL Injection, Template Injection, and Local File Inclusion flaws. A basic overview of each vulnerability will be covered before diving into the tools and techniques used to exploit them, no prior knowledge or experience needed.

Bonus: Jason Charnes will briefly discuss Rebase - an inclusive tech event for coders and builders of new technology. Find out more and get tickets at:

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