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27. "The Rust Programming Language"

August 10, 2021

After a few months off, we’re back for our 27th DevMemphis meetup with Ray Green who will be giving a talk about the Rust programming language. This is an online event that’s free to anyone interested in joining.

#######Talk Description#### Rust has seen a lot of hype and praise from the developer community over the past few years despite it being a relatively new programming language (about 10 years old). Rust has been crowned the most loved language by Stackoverflow’s Developer Survery for the past 5 years straight. In this talk, I’ll give you guys a brief summary of Rust as a language and what problems it intends to address as well as why I personally enjoy using it. I’ll also do some live code examples to demonstrate Rust’s flagship feature: owner ship.

#######Bio#### My name is Ray Green and I’ve been a Memphis resident basically all my life. I fell into the world of software development in 2018 as a college dropout. After attending courses with Tech901 and Codecrew’s Codeschool (two nonprofits here in town), I landed my first Dev role at the tail end of 2018 before switching to my current role GreenMountain in mid 2019.

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