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#38Building Software On An iPad, the Overly Exhaustive Guide

August 03, 2023

Cameron Roe will discuss how you can be a productive developer with an iPad

Building Software On An iPad, the Overly Exhaustive Guide Speaker: Cameron Roe

Now that iPads and MacBooks have the same processors, the gap between those product lines is shrinking every year as iPads move closer to being true laptop replacements. But can they replace your laptop for writing code? We'll learn about what development in an iPadOS environment looks like as of 2023 and what the future could possibly entail. What are the benefits that using an iPad to code gives us? What are the limitations that iPadOS has over macOS and how can we work around them? Come join us as we dig into the weird world of doing software development on an iPad.

Cameron Roe is a Senior Software Engineer over at MacStadium hacking on macOS virtualization and WebRTC things. He also finds things to learn in his free time that sane people should never want to touch. He also makes computers make beeps and boops and releases them on Bandcamp.

Pizza will be provided by our sponsors at Vaco. Looking for a tech job in the greater Memphis area? Visit Vaco Memphis.

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